Trident Uses Vine For Marketing Magic


I don’t know about you, but Vine has quickly become one of my daily routines since its launch in January. As I’m sure you know, the mobile app allows for 6 second video streaming and has spread like wildfire. It seems though that it has moved beyond simply being an outlet for things like “Smackcam” and other nonsense. Vine has moved to marketing and advertising.

Mashable recently wrote an article about Trident being the first to launch a six second Vine TV ad. After selecting two of the most popular “Viners”, both of which I follow, Trident released four Vine ads. Although all were popular, one was selected for a TV ad. This “Paid in Layers” campaign, although the first, seems to have sparked something as it is reported that Dunkin Donuts will soon follow.

The Viners selected were Nicholas Megalis and Rudy Mancuso and as I said before, I follow them both. In fact, their Vines are some of the few I look forward to watching everyday. I remember seeing the one of the Trident Vines featuring Rudy and the first thing I thought was “This is Brilliant”. When you really sit down and think about it, Nicholas, Rudy, and Vine did most of the work as far as gaining an engaged audience. Due to the popularity of their videos, all Trident had to do was put Nicholas and Rudy on the screen and people would love it.

I can also say it worked like a charm. I was so excited by the videos and the innovation but I wondered to myself, would this really make people buy more gum? A few days later I was checking out at a grocery store and what did I notice out of the corner of my eye? Tridents new gum. There was nothing particularly special about the packaging and it wasn’t on display. It was next to all the other gum waiting for those impulse buyers. The first thing that popped into my head was Rudy Mancuso singing his catchy little jingle about the grape and lemonade collaboration that I must buy. I can honestly say that had I not seen the Vines, I would have never noticed the gum.

What do you think? Is Vine turning into the next big thing when it comes to marketing and advertising?

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