Community Spotlight: Transition Possible



Transition Possible is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to positively impact wounded service members and veterans who are striving to transition back into their lives and find their “new normal.” Our mission is to create awareness, inclusion, and integration of wounded service members and veterans into our community and to heal the mind and body; physically, emotionally, and socially though adaptive sports and fitness.



Transition Possible

 We are passionate about the health and wellness of our wounded heroes and believe it is our duty as citizens, as communities, as businesses and institutions to make every effort to assist our wounded heroes in transitioning back into their lives and to make sure they are afforded every opportunity to live and achieve post-injury. Transition Possible serves veterans who have incurred a service-connected physical injury resulting in an amputation or functional limb loss or those who have incurred PTSD or TBI on or after the 1990 Gulf War. We serve our wounded veterans to heal the mind and body physically, emotionally and socially though CrossFit, adaptive sports and community engagement. Transition Possible supports the health and wellness of our wounded service members and veterans through several programs and services. 



Transition Possible & CrossFit

The Transition Possible CrossFit Affiliate Membership Program partners with existing CrossFit Affiliates to provide membership scholarships to wounded warriors as well as reimbursement for specialized equipment and additional training for coaches and trainers. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience or fitness level preparing you for any physical challenge. In addition to the physical benefits of this exercise program, the group setting and community aspect provide a unique environment that fosters the healing of the mind and body; physically emotionally and socially in a way not found in many other physical fitness programs.  This setting is perfect for wounded warriors who are looking to find their “new normal” and get back into life post-injury. By becoming a part of this supportive and encouraging fitness community known as CrossFit , our wounded heroes will have the opportunity improve their health and fitness and find their inner athlete. 



Team Bomb Proof

 Transition Possible will also sponsor Team Bomb Proof, an adaptive athletic team that will participate in athletic events throughout the nation, raising awareness and promoting inclusion and integration. Wounded veterans and service members can apply to join Team Bomb Proof and Transition Possible will choose various athletic events during the year for team members to participate in such as Ironman competitions, CRASH-B’s, mud runs and various CrossFit Competitions. Transition Possible will cover expenses related to participation such as fees for entry and travel expenses for these athletes. Additionally, Transition Possible will assist in locating training resources for these events through community contacts if needed.


The Warrior Community

 The Warrior Community Online Forum for Adaptive Athletes is a highly interactive online resource designed for the sharing of information regarding exercise and movement adaptation for individuals with amputations, functional limb loss or prosthetics as well as those needing adaptations for symptoms associated with PTSD and TBI. This forum, which will be housed on the Transition Possible website, will enable athletes, coaches, trainers, CrossFit boxes, fitness facilities and inspiration seekers to connect with others in the adaptive community by creating a profile that will allow them to share pictures, videos and articles, participate in discussion boards, as well as find and offer resources. It will also include the CrossFit Affiliate Locator feature which will help wounded warriors to locate a Transition Possible recognized CrossFit Affiliate in their community. 


For more information on how to support the programs and services of Transition Possible or to get involved please visit our website at or contact Executive Director, Ali Barrera at




Ali Barrera
Executive Director
Transition Possible


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