Always Have An Objective

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It’s so hard to not want to jump right into a great idea. Often times, we hear about these great new techniques and marketing platforms and it’s human nature to want to dive right in. Implementing a new technique or plan can be more harmful than good however, if you’re missing the key element…Objectives.

What Do You Want?

I know, saying “Have an objective” seems redundant. After all, isn’t everything we do in order to achieve this objective of success? While that is true for the big picture, before you start a new campaign, you have to decide exactly what you want from this particular set of efforts and this particular time frame. The reason having objectives, or goals, is so important is that it helps bring organization and focus to your campaign message. Otherwise, you’re just throwing efforts out and hoping it makes a difference. Objectives needs to be realistic and specific. Have objectives that state clearly what you want and when you want it by. BY doing this, you can create a message that helps to achieve that objective and therefore gives stability and structure to your efforts.

What Should You Want?

Figuring out what your objectives SHOULD be is another tricky aspect to planning. It sounds simple enough… Just know what you want. Where the trouble comes in is wanting things that are either not ambitious enough, or are unattainable. The best place that I’ve found to start is with research. Find companies in your industry that have used the same kind of plan as you are considering, and see what they did. By creating your own case studies, you take the time to not only find out what other companies were looking to achieve, but what their end result was. You can then find an appropriate medium between the two and form your own objectives.

How Will I Know It Worked?

After you have decided on your objectives, the next step you need to take is to establish the way you will evaluate success. Otherwise, it’s much more difficult to determine what worked and didn’t work within your campaign. Establishing a clear method of evaluation provides a rubric of sorts that you can use at the end of your campaign to clearly assess what was effective and what needs to be improved on in the future. Without evaluation, you will never really have a clear sense of what you should and shouldn’t do the next time around.

No matter what you chosen channel or technique, developing and focusing on clear and realistic objectives can help tremendously in ensuring your message is present.

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