Community Spotlight: Haven For Hope



New beginnings

 Haven for Hope’s mission is to offer a place of hope and new beginnings. Many of us have had our own version of that feeling. Sudden opportunities that led to exciting new places. That bright, brave exhilaration of walking up new steps, a freshly cut set of keys in hand, to a door representing hope and new beginnings in our lives. Perhaps the difference between our experience the experience of someone coming to Haven for Hope is that the men, women and children who visit Haven for Hope are experiencing homelessness when they walk to the door. Instead of a moving van full of furniture, she carries everything she owns in two small bags. Instead of exhilaration, he experiences desperation. But what we all experience is hope.



Haven for Hope is a multi-acre residential and shared-service space. It looks much like a college campus, but instead of classrooms gearing you toward a major, there are social service offices specializing in job training, counseling, medical care and more, aimed at addressing each person’s unique underlying cause for his or her homelessness. Haven for Hope’s model goes above and beyond meeting a person’s basic needs like safe sleeping, showers and meals. Not to be discredited, these services are critical to anyone in dire need, but if meeting one’s most basic needs is the only resource available, you can expect a person to continue to live in a cycle of homelessness. Haven for Hope provides opportunities for Bexar County’s disenfranchised citizens to get a hand up out of homelessness, not a hand out.



 With over 1,000 men, women and children now safely moved to stable homes with sustainable income thanks to Haven for Hope, there is one singular factor that plays a critical part in Haven’s success. That is the Bexar County community. From volunteers, to donors, to housing providers, community residents faced with homelessness cannot succeed without us coming together to support ending homelessness in Bexar County. You can make a change by visiting our campus, checking out our Give Back opportunity page at Haven for Hope’s website, or by reaching out to us to ask more questions about homelessness and Haven for Hope.


To quote a great woman of our century Marian Wright Edelman, “Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, not something you do in your spare time.” We at Haven for Hope thank you for being a good neighbor. We hope you continue support our mission to place all disenfranchised citizens of Bexar County into homes so that they may share in that exhilaration of hope and new beginnings.





Evita Morin

AVP of Community Affairs & External Relations 

Haven For Hope

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