Direct-Mail Success



Direct-mail is so much more than just sending out a cute postcard every once in a while. There are many factors that go into a successful direct-mail campaign. From the list, to the graphics, to the frequency of delivery, this form of marketing takes just as much effort as any other aspect of branding your company,


The List

Your list is one of the most important factors when it comes to your mail-outs. Having the right list can mean the difference between a successful campaign and one that is not so successful. You don’t have to keep a single list either. You can have different lists for different pieces. If you have a piece that pertains to a specific location then you can create a list of recipients near that location. For example, if you sell a home, a great list would be the residents surrounding that home. By focusing on the location, people are able to physically see your work and what you can do. The location makes it relevant to them. The same can be applied to other industries. Of course, for your more general pieces, the best list to have is a client lists that consists of people you have already worked with. The great thing about this list is that you have already worked with the people on the list and have therefore built a connection with them.


The Card

Once you have created your list, the next thing is the actual piece. It’s important to design your mail-out so that it is relevant to the recipient(s). This is where your list comes in handy once again. Your ultimate goal should be to end up on the fridge next to little johnny’s report card. One of the best things you can do to ensure this is to include and incentive in your piece. Loyalty Builders are a great way to avoid being thrown away.  Just choosing an incentive isn’t enough though. You have to tailor that incentive to your list. If your incentive is not relevant to your audience, they will not be motivated to hold onto your piece. You want to grab their attention with your “gift” in a way that makes them hold onto your card. The longer they hold onto your card, the more time they have to read your message and know your brand. 


The Follow Up

Once everything has been sent, your job is still not over. It is crucial to follow up with your clients. Sending them several direct-mail pieces helps to solidify your position as the go-to for your industry. In fact, you want the recipients of your pieces to become used to seeing your face/brand along with your message, creating top of mind awareness. By sending one postcard and never following up, you become forgettable. Setting up a system where you end up in their mailbox several times however, makes you not only memorable, but you become the face of your industry to those individuals. It will become second-nature for them to automatically think of you when they have needs specific to your services and industry. Your efforts up until this point will not be effective if you are only seen once and then forgotten about. 


The direct-mail process is not one to be taken lightly, While you do want to create a visually appealing piece, you also want to make sure that the people receiving that piece not only find it relevant, but are then reminded of its relevance. 



Photo Credit: Alec Perkins


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