Father’s Day Gift Ideas


If you’re anything like me, you have put off Father’s Day shopping and are now scrambling to find dad that perfect gift by Sunday. Finding that one gift can be such a daunting task though, especially if you are looking to buy something other than an NFL koozie or eccentric tie. Through last minute research, I have found a few options that are not your run of the mill gifts for the Dad’s in your life. 


BirchBox: The Gift That Keeps Giving


I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Birchbox a beauty subscription for women? The answer is yes and no. Birchbox recently added a subscription for men. What this means is that for a monthly fee, your dad/husband/brother/grandpa/whatever father in your life will be sent a box containing sample of various men’s products. The products samples include things ranging from shaving cream to bars of soap, to fun and quirky things for the home. The June box for example included shampoo, sunglasses, deodorizing wipes, socks, and even cologne. Not only will he receive samples from various brands, but if there is a product in particular that he loves, he can then go onto the website and purchase that product at full size for a discounted rate. The reason this makes such a great Father’s Day gift is that it not only introduces dad to products he may not have known about otherwise, but it also feels like getting a gift every month.  You can find more information on gifting Dad a Birchbox here


Gifts For The New Dad

Gifting for first times dads is one of the few times that you can get as sentimental and, for lack of a better word, as cheesy as possible with the gifts. I mean, it is the FIRST time that father’s day applies to them. And it’s all thanks to the new little guy or girl in their lives. One of my favorite things to buy the new dad’s in my life is some sort of hand/foot print molding kit. Amazon currently has a molding kit called the Tower of time that includes the supplies to mold a hand or footprint for years 1-5. Each year includes a circular tin in ascending sizes, and the non-toxic plaster to take the prints in. It seems cliché to gift a molding kit, but it’s a gift that captures a moment in time and is a wonderful momento for Dad to look back on 10 years from now and remember his very first Father’s Day. You can find the Tower of Time here.


Just Goofin’ Around

Some people, like myself, have been blessed with having a dad that never stops joking. Even during the most inopportune times, they are sure to crack a joke that sends you spiraling into the worst combination of embarrassment and giggles you’ve ever had. For that dad, I say give it right back. Fred and Friends are a self-proclaimed “Modern Gift Giving” retailer that sells some of the most unique gifts out there. Their product categories include tech, kitchen, kids, home, desk and paper, and a few others. Some of the most entertaining gifts I have found included Ninjabread men cookie cutters, a Fuzzyface photo frame, and a notepad is printed to resemble various sports balls. Giving gifts like this are sure to give your jokester dad a good laugh. For more Fred and Friends products, visit here.  


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