Integrated Marketing



Integrated marketing is the latest strategy when developing and executing campaigns for your brand. Although the name seems to serve as explanation enough, having truly integrated marketing takes more than just spreading your marketing across all channels. You have to create a plan and designate tactics that are tailored to that particular channel of communication. 


What is everyone doing? 

Perhaps the most powerful tool in this day in age is the influence of word of mouth. Whether that be online or offline, the things people say carry and hold a much greater weight than any tactic or plan you can create. The fact is people trust what their family and friends say and think about the world. The way to utilize this in integrated marketing is to make sure that you are where everyone else is. Social Media has emerged as one of the strongest channels of word of mouth communication. If such a large population are on these sites, it would be more than beneficial for your campaign to include a tactic involving social media. That doesn’t mean simply uploading a .pdf of your marketing materials. The best way to get the most out of social media is to present engaging information that helps build relationships. Once relationships are built, you will not only help to build loyalty, but you help to increase your chances of being talked about and promoted through word of mouth. 


Public Relations

Another large aspect of integrated marketing is to work hand in hand with your public relations specialist. While Public Relations serves a different purpose than marketing, it can be used in order to enhance the efforts of your marketing. Your Public Relations Specialist or manager essentials controls how the public sees your company. They use tools that not only help to get the company’s name out there, but to ensure that everyone sees the company in a positive light. This works hand in hand with marketing because both help the other. For example, if the marketing team decides to revamp the company website in order to attract new business, the Public Relations specialist can then write a press release announcing the new advancements and growth in the company. The marketing team helped with Public Relations by  proving relevant information and changes that can help to enhance the image of the company. The Public relations efforts in turn help with marketing by spreading the word and educating more people about the changes. If used correctly, its a win-win situation. 


What It Looks Like

 Knowing where people are talking and what public relations can do to help the campaign, this means that when developing the marketing materials you must adapt them to include those aspects and channels. You need to keep in mind that these channels can enhance your efforts and you must tailor your message in order to be easily spreadable and accessible through them. Keeping all of this in mind will help to develop a more cohesive and effective marketing plan. Knowing for example that sites like Twitter and Instagram are so heavily used by the public, HGTV has created a campaign that includes aspects of marketing public relations, social media, and even advertising, all rolled into one pretty package. They have created a the #LoveHome contest which invites people to post pictured of t heir homes with that hashtag. The best are then featured in someway by the channel. The hashtag was included in every piece of marketing material as well as advertisements.  They have created engaging content, ensured that they are using a relevant platform, marketed themselves, created a positive public image as a caring company, and created advertising that people will pay attention too. They are the perfect example of what integrated marketing looks like when it is done the right way.  


However you choose to develop your marketing campaigns, one thing is certain.. Integrating all of your resources into that campaign will help to maximize the potential success.


Photo Credit: Senior Living 

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