Top Of Mind Awareness


Think back to the last time you had an issue at home that needed immediate attention. Your Air Conditioner going out for example. How did you find your solution? Chances are you called a repair service that either came recommended to you by someone close, or you called the first company that came to mind when you thought “AC Repair”. That is top of mind awareness. 


Be the Face of Your Industry

The whole idea behind “Top of Mind Awareness” marketing is exactly what the title suggests. The goal is to be the first face and/or name that comes to a clients mind when they think of your industry. Using the example above, If your Air Conditioner went out, you wouldn’t necessarily spend days researching and discovering all of the repair service in the city. There is likely to be either a company that you have seen or worked with before, or someone whom you know has used a service in the past and can recommend that same company to you. The company its self or the person referring the company, were at the top of your mind when you though about Air Conditioners. That concept is translated across almost every industry. You want to be the face that pops into a persons head when they need someone from your industry.



If you haven’t figured it out by now, our favorite word is consistency. Consistency is key in all things you do. as if we haven’t said that enough, right? This is so true though of all marketing efforts. The only way to make sure that you are the face that comes to mind is to make sure people know your face and see it next to what you’re offering. Much like Air Conditioner work, people don’t think about buying and selling their home until they need to. Let’s say you have been mailing out monthly postcards to a family for a year. When that family does get ready to buy or sell, the first person likely to come to their mind is you, because every month for a year they have walked out to their mailbox, picked up, and read a postcard with your name, picture, and services on it. It really is as simple as that. Putting in the consistent effort has now made an association in that family’s brain that if they need to move, you are the one to call. 


…And A Little Patience

Working hand in hand with consistency is patience. Mailing out postcards probably will not get you a client the first month that you send out. Achieving T.O.M. Awareness is a process that takes time in order to see results.  Had you not been consistent, or chosen to stop mailing after 6 months of no activity, you likely would not have been the first person that family called; You would not have been at the top of their minds. Remaining patient is what leads to success. looking for instant gratification will leave you disappointing more often than not. Being “Top Of Mind” is about putting the work in and waiting for results. 



Photo Credit: Boetter

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