Loyalty Builders: Giving A Little To Get A Lot More



Loyalty builders are one of the many direct mail tactics that aid in maintaining client relationships. This is achieved by offering some sort of incentive, gift, or offer to the recipients of your mailed marketing materials.


Picking The Right Offer/Gift

As with every other aspect of your business and brand, knowing your audience is key. It can’t be stressed enough how important is to understand the audience of people that you are looking to target and connect with. The reason that this is so important when it comes to loyalty builders is that the goal is to offer something interesting enough to your audience that they will remember that your name is on the other side of that offer. For example, if you sent out an offer for a free drink at a local bar to an area with a large population of homes with small children, your postcard will probably be set aside because bars are not a place that parents with small children frequent. Sending that same area an offer for a discounted children’s painting course however, will yield a much more positive retention response because it is relevant to the recipients. In order for you yourself to remain relevant, you must send loyalty builders that are directly relevant to your audience.


Does It Really Help Me?

While it may seem as though you are promoting and generating business for other companies by offering gifts to their place of business, you do benefit from this practice. Giving back to your audience helps to solidify you as not just someone looking to sell them something, but as someone looking to give them something. This build trust and loyalty hence the name, that will lead to their feeling more comfortable doing business with you in the future. This a way of ensuring your message reaches your network consistently while giving something back to them and giving them a reason to remember you.


The Bottom Line

Offering an incentive to the recipients of your direct mail pieces is a great way to encourage them to remember you. Much little everything else in business, and life for that matter, you have to give a little to get a little. The only difference is that giving a little can get you a lot by building a strong client base that is loyal to you and your brand. Above anything, programs like this send the message to your audience that you care and are looking out for them. A strong and loyal network can make a significant difference in your success.


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