Successful Social Media


As I’m sure you know by now, if you haven’t jumped on the social media ship, you’re being left behind. Social media is here to stay. It’s important to not only ensure that you have an online presence, but to know how to measure the success of that presence.


Make Time and Stay Active

One of the largest factors in the success of establishing an online presence via social networking sites is that you remain active. I cannot stress the importance of staying active and posting daily. Just creating an account is not enough. People do not want to follow a Twitter handle that produces one tweet a month. You have to not only ensure that you are posting on a regular basis, but that you are also posting information that is helpful and engaging to your audience. Keeping active and interesting is the key to maintaining a successful social media presence. If you find that you are unable to handle the time commitment, then designate one person, or even a team of people, to manage your accounts. If no time is put into updating and sharing content through these sites, it defeats the purpose of having them at all.


Set Goals

Measuring results from social media can be a very difficult thing. While you can see the number of followers and re-tweets, other than that, there is no real way to know how successful your accounts are. The best way to measure your social networking success is to decide what you want out of the accounts and establish goals from there. By setting your own goal, you determine what is valuable when it comes to social media for your company or brand. The goals do not have to be elaborate or grand either. They can be as simple as the number of new followers you gain each month. Whatever you are looking to gain from social media needs to be the driving factor when establishing your goals. The important thing is that those goals are created. Without goals, it is hard to find a direction to go in.


Remember the Purpose

Social Media can be a great asset to a brand’s marketing, but when all is said and done social media is a Public relations tool. Everyone is online and that means that your brands reputation is also online. Information is spread so quickly now through social media that your reputation management must also be as quick and on the same sites. Social Networking is exactly what it sounds like. It’s networking. Social media is a gateway into the company culture of your brand and giving that brand a face. While you should be integrating your marketing into social media through the sharing and spreading of content, above all, your social media needs to remain the image of your brand.



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