Vine and Branding


As if Twitter weren’t popular enough, they have decided to expand their reach and popularity by introducing a new app called Vine. After acquiring it in October and launching it in January of this year, Vine is quickly becoming one of the most interesting apps out there.


What is Vine?

 The app, which is available for both iPhone and iPad, allows users to create a short, six second video that plays on a loop. While that may sound simple enough, and relatively boring, the great thing is that the video does not have to be six second recorded all at one time. The app allows for a pause and start type of recording. While recording, you hold your finger down on the screen to record what you want and when you remove your finger, the recording stops. You can essentially film your entire day from start to finish in fractions of a second per frame and have a six-second, looped video of your day.


How Is Vine Being Used for Branding?

 So many companies have started making Vine videos promoting their brands. Urban Outfitters for example finds fun and creative ways to display their products. They not only promote their products and brands within their videos, but also give viewers a look behind the scenes into the company culture. Another way Vine is being used for branding is by the NBA. Pre-game warm-ups are not something everyone has access to. Teams are now using Vine to highlight warm-ups and give fans the chance to view their favorite teams and players getting ready for games. Teams have also been using the app to give an inside look at media days, which again is not an event that many have open access to. Vine is providing a way for brands like Urban Outfitters and the NBA to connect with their audience on a more creative and fun way. 


How Can I Use Vine For My Brand?

 Six-seconds seems like an impossible amount of time to show consumers anything. It’s not impossible though. Since the app allows you to pause and start your recording, you can edit videos that include everything you need in order to get your message across. If you’re selling a home for example, you can use the app to record the staging of a room. Now this isn’t to say you just point and shoot each corner of the room. It’s up to you to find a creative and fun way to highlight the best attributes of whatever it is you’re showcasing. That’s the best part about this app. It requires you to think outside the box and approach your message sharing in an entirely different way.


 Vine may seem confusing and somewhat useless, but the fact is it’s growing in popularity and there are already brands out there taking advantage of what it has to offer.  It’s a marketing tool that allows for extensive and engaging creativity that, if used correctly, can help to establish and solidify your brand with your audience.  



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