The Call to Action

Ok, so you have spent countless hours creating the most beautiful marketing materials to send out. You’ve narrowed down your network of people into a carefully selected appropriate target audience. You’ve sent everything out. There’s a problem though. No-one is calling. What went wrong? The answer could be as simple as you forgetting to ask your audience to remember you. You forgot to include the call to action.


What is the call to action?

 A call to action is exactly what it sounds like. It’s getting your audience to do something, whether it be asking that they call and set up and appointment for a consultation or simply providing a link to your blog for them to read. The point is to lead your audience into taking the next step towards doing business with you. You can’t just assume that your audience will take the initiative, or even know how to, when it comes to taking the next step. Something that may seem second nature to you might not be so obvious to others. This is why the call to action is so important. Instead of assuming that your audience will just know to call you for an appointment, assume that they won’t and include that information in your materials.


Why it’s so important

 The entire reason for including a call to action is to ensure that your marketing efforts generate leads. If you’re not getting people into your office then your efforts are being wasted. Whoever is reading your content is looking to be lead into the next step. By telling them where to go next, you are helping to not only generate, but also control, the traffic to your selected destination. This is the best way to get your audience where you want them to go. Just tell them. Leaving it up to them to decide the next course of action means taking the risk that they will put you to the side and forget all about you. Don’t leave it up to them. Make sure they know where to go and how to get there.


What does a call to action look like?

 There are so many examples of what an effective call to action could be. You can include words or phrases such as “remember me” or “save today”. Something including savings, along with a current offer, can be one of the most effective calls to action. In fact, we are surrounded by these in the forms of coupons we get in the mail from our favorite retail locations. Those companies include material highlighting their products and conclude by inserting a coupon or discount offer that tell us to “Save Today”. They also place a time frame on that particular offer, causing us to rush out and purchase from that location because we have to get the deal before it expires. While that specific example might only work that great for retail companies, it’s the same idea across all industries. A company in the real estate industry might include a call to action that asks recipients to call for a free consultation or to remember that company the next time they need to buy, sell, or build a home. Wording a call to action in that way not only lead the customer to the next step, but it can also highlight services that they might not have known you offered otherwise.


Whatever your industry, the need for a call to action is universal. Decide where you want your audience to end up and tell them how to get there. 

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