Branding Yourself Effectively

Determining how to brand yourself effective can be both a tricky and overwhelming process. One of the best ways to effectively brand yourself or your company is to start with familiarizing yourself with your target audience and then maintaining your look throughout all channels of communication to that audience.

 Know Your Audience

The biggest factor when it comes to establishing your company’s brand, is knowing who you want to reach.  When you become familiar with the population of people who will most likely be touched by your message, you can tailor your look and feel to what that population finds appealing. For example, if your company specializes in manufacturing high end children’s clothing, your target audience is going to be much different than that of a company that manufactures car parts. With the potential consumers being so different, the branding for those companies will be just as different. Recognizing what your potential customers look for in the products they buy will help you to determine the look and feel of your brand and message.

Maintain Your Look

As you know from our previous blog, consistency is key in all things you do. The same is said for branding and design. Once you have determined your target audience and formulated a look and message, make sure that you keep the same look and message in all your marketing, regardless of the channel being used. When using multiple designers for instance, make sure that you keep all previous materials so that regardless of the number of designers, everything looks as though it were created by a single designer.  The idea is that if you laid all of your marketing materials on a table, they would look like a set or series.

Why It Matters

The desired result that comes from knowing your audience and maintaining a cohesive and consistent look is that your brand will always be associated with your message. You want your clients to be able to see your company and know automatically what you do. Keeping everything consistent and tailored to your audience, as emphasized in our first blog, helps to make that happen. The same is said for the type of look you have as well. The look of your graphics and marketing materials needs to be distinct and cohesive enough that at a glance, a client would bale to automatically identify your company.


Understanding the population of people that you are trying to reach, and then keeping consistent in the marketing that you are sending out to that population will help to solidify the image that your building with your brand.

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