Reaching Neighbors

Who we are

Here at Reaching Neighbors we strive to help individuals and small businesses easily develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. though the bulk of our work is providing marketing via direct-mail programs, is more than just a direct-mail marketing firm  We are also making the transition, as most of the world is now, into creating and maintaining the online presence of not only ourselves, but our clients. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have marketing programs that are easy, fast, simple and effective, regardless of the chosen communication channel. We believe that the way to achieve these goals, not only for ourselves but also our clients, is done through being consistent and focusing marketing efforts.

Consistency is key

It’s important to understand that consistency pertains not only to frequency of content posting, but also within messaging itself.  You want to make sure that you connect with your network at a consistent frequency and that you’re staying consistent in your message as well. We recommend keeping in touch with your network at least once a month in order to maintain a truly effective connection.  However you choose to brand yourself, you want to make sure that every time you reach out, your message is the same. Ensuring that every time a client sees your face, they also see that same message, helps to establish a connection between you and what you’re branding yourself as.  Your message helps to build your brand, and frequency makes sure they see that message at a consistent rate.

Plant a few seeds and water them

We all want to know anyone and everyone possible that could potentially be a client, and we want to know them now. Becoming a household name not only takes time, but it also takes focus. The best way to truly grow yourself and your business is to focus your efforts and resources into growing what you can manage. While planting a million seeds seems like the best way to extend your network, reality is you won’t have enough water, or resources, to grow those seeds to their full potential. When starting a mail-out program for example, when you have a certain budget would you rather pour every penny into mailing out to a thousand people one time or to one hundred people every month for the next year? While it seems smarter to reach the greater number of recipients, what really matters is making sure they remember you. By mailing out to only one hundred people every month, you are able to ingrain your face and message into the memory of those hundred people. Selecting a manageable amount of recipients is the way you plant your seeds, and you water those seeds by making sure you connect with them once every month.

Not only do we believe that focusing resources and remaining consistent will help to build your network and business, but we ourselves use these concepts as the backbone of what we do. It’s a balance that we here at Reaching Neighbors have come to appreciate and perfect.

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